5 Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper In Your House

Ugandans are slowly coming round to using wallpaper as part of their home decor. Its slow progress but its progress nonetheless. Rukundo Design and Decor has done wallpaper installation for some clients. Below, we share 5 creative ideas on how to use wallpaper in your house. *Photos courtesy of houzz.com; bhg.com; popsugar.com

1.As a focal wall - wallpaper is an easy way to make a statement in your room if you’re thinking of remodelling or updating your space. Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to stamp your personality in your space or room. And you do not have to cover all four walls of the room with wallpaper. Just having one wall as a focal wall with bold printed wallpaper or textured paper can immediately add interest to your space.


2.Breath new life into old furniture and accessories - Do not be quick to throw out all your old furniture. To save money, why not reuse your old pieces and accessories and give them a new breath of life with wallpaper. An old lampshade can be turned around by glueing a piece of wallpaper to it; an old cabinet or bookshelf can be repainted and wallpaper added to the back of the cabinets to create interest and pull the eye to focus on the objects on display. A coffee table can be updated with patterned wallpaper and then the update completed by adding a piece of glass on top of the table to hold the wallpaper in place.



3.Make an unconventional statement - Most of us don’t experiment much with our ceilings. We tend to paint them white and reserve colour for the walls. Why not be unconventional and put a bold print wallpaper on your ceiling while keeping pale walls. This adds drama to your space and draws the eye up to the ceiling, giving an illusion of height. You could also place wallpaper on the stairs to really make a statement.


 4.Art - Make your own simple wall art to hang on your walls by cutting wallpaper into square pieces and then framing them in eye-catching frames.

5.Fake it - Do you want your door to look and feel like a leather door but cannot afford the costs of making a real leather door? Or do you want your wall to have a glossy feeling at the touch of your hand or to have a matted texture? Fake these effects on your walls and doors by installing textured wallpaper.


Rukundo Design and Decor stocks a variety of wallpaper in our store. We also install the wallpaper for you with our professional fixers. Call us on +256772706470129 or +256772996350 for more information. You can also send us email on sales@rukundodesignanddecor.com to place orders or to help you use wallpaper creatively in your own home.

We would love to hear of other ways you have used wallpaper in your home. Feel free to share photos.